Coursework, Part 2 - Narrative, Project 3 - Photographing the unseen

Project 3 – Exercise – Case Studies


All three of these projects are examples of personally driven work but they become universal when we can relate to the feelings they present by visiting our own personal histories.

Which of these projects resonates with you, and why?

How do you feel about the loss of authorial control that comes when the viewer projects their own experiences and emotions onto the images you’ve created?

At first glance, just reading all three titles, I thought I would resonate with Jodie Taylors ‘Memories of Childhood’. This is because a lot has happened to me as a child and would hopefully like to base an assignment from such events. However when I read more into it, It was not as I thought it would be. I thought it would be more emotional, more personal. This obviously just my personal opinion as this work could very well be emotional and personal for Jodie Taylor, however I did not feel this.

I resonated the most with Peter Mansell’s work. He suffered a spinal cord injury as a result of a traffic accident when he was 20. Due to this he has lived most of his life as a paraplegic. His project shows how his injury has affected his life.

Just reading the above hit home. Although not the same, I suffered a traumatic event during my childhood years. Later on in life, even to this day, these events still affect my way of living.

Peter Mansell explains how he likes to speak visually about things that are important to him rather than creating beautiful pictures. I really like this! I am my worst critic when it comes to work, however, I am always scared of other people’s thoughts and reactions of my images. I always feel like I should be photographing what the viewers want to see and not what I want. Photographs speak to me in ways that they may not others. They want to see beautiful images. An image that is important to me, means something to me, may not be ‘beautiful’ to others and thus not liking the image.

I think way too much what other people think. I always have! I think (in fact I know) a lot of it is because of my experiences in childhood when I was in school. I need to overcome this and step outside my comfort zone.

Anxious is the only word I can think of when it comes to showing people an image and them having full control of the interpretation.

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