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A2: Assignment

Affects of childhood bullying in adult life

Childhood bullying is such a common occurrence that many people may not see the big deal. When entering adulthood, we are expected to have just ‘got over it’. However, bullying can have a serious impact on our mental health and be a lifelong struggle. These struggles, such as PTSD are often difficult to see in people.

For this assignment I decided to photograph how my childhood bullying experience still affects me today, 20 years later. In total I have taken 7 photographs with the intent to portray my feelings and the severity of the affects it has on me at the age of 27. Each photograph is also accompanied by written text in the hope it adds to the emotion of my story.

These photographs are from my own personal experience of the bullying I sustained as a child. However, I hope they provoke some recognition from viewers who have had similar experiences; how it made them feel, how it affected their daily living such as eating and sleeping and how it still affects them today in adulthood.

Although unfortunately this is a common occurrence and familiar to a lot of people, I wanted to portray it from a different perspective that would not usually be seen. Through my mentality, through my eyes as I continue to live through the trauma I sustained as a child.

3 thoughts on “A2: Assignment”

  1. Hello Amianne. Thank you for inviting comments. These are very powerful images that (for me) communicate your message very clearly. I like the shallow depth of field that adds atmosphere and the way you have used colour and shape to hold the series together. I have only just begun C&N, I am not sure if text is required for this assignment. Have you tried the series without text?


  2. Thanks for sharing your images with us, I think “I already ate” “Prescribed” and “I have so much love…” are the strongest. There have a clearer juxtaposition of themes and associated connotations. One question, is the use of “Affects” intentional? I ask as it makes sense as these are objects being photographs and is a nice play on words, I’d clarify in an artist statement to ensure its not classed as a mistake of ‘effect’ 🙂


  3. I think you have a very strong set of images here Amianne, For me ” I don’t think I can do this alone anymore” works really well, it portrays a lonely isolated child, the soft toy positioned in the corner of the frame on the hard pebbles emphasises this I think.


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