Coursework, Part 3 - Putting yourself in the picture, Project 2 - Masquerades

Project 2 – Exercise – Recreate a childhood memory

Recreate a childhood memory in a photograph. Think carefully about the memory you choose and how you’ll recreate it. You’re free to approach this task in any way you wish.

Initially I was stumped! I couldn’t think of any memories I wanted or could recreate. I think because I’m not in the right mind set as I have a lot going on at home, I just couldn’t focus on this exercise.

While looking at other students take on this exercise, I found someone who has recreated their musical talents as a child. I had a “oh yeah” moment about which memory I finally wanted to recreate.

There is a story to my memory, one which fits with my assignment 2 “Affects of childhood bullying in adult life”. During my primary school days, I remember music teachers coming into class to ask children to sign up to their lessons. Originally, I wanted to play the flute, however, I was told my arms were too short. I remember coming home feeling really upset. It must have been a Wednesday because I remember my Grandad being there. He used to pick us up from school with my Mum every Wednesday, then went to his flat for tea. He called me into his room, took this black, leather case out from under his bed and opened it. Inside was a violin. I remember him showing me how to hold it and taught me all the basics.

When I went back to school the next day, I told my teacher I had decided I wanted to play and learn violin.

This was at the peak of my bullying experience. I remember using my violin as an escape, to forget all the terrible things that I was encountering.

Unfortunately, playing the violin soon came to an end. I was in secondary school and I was to preform in a concert. Me and my family including my Grandad all pilled into one car and drove to the school, where the concert was taking place. Once we got there however, we noticed the car park was empty and the school as closed. We later found out that the concert had been cancelled and I was failed to be informed.

This effected me in so many ways. It knocked my confidence and damaged my self esteem. I felt embarrassed that I had turned up with my whole family. What was even worse was the sorry I felt for my Grandad. He was so excited to see me play his violin. I felt like I let him down.

After that I decided to not pick up the violin again until 15 years later, on the day I completed this exercise.

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