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Trish Morrissey

Born in Dublin, Morrissey now resides in the UK.

During part 3 of this course, Trish Morrissey was mentioned, in particular her series called ‘Front’. I enjoyed looking at her work that I decided to look at her other series. One in particular called ‘The Failed Realist’ really spoke to me.

This series was made in collaboration with her daughter when she was between the ages of four and five. Her daughter, Caitlin painted Morrissey’s face from her immediate experience such as a movie she had just watched, a social event, a right of passage or a vivid dream.

Psychologist George’s-Henri Luquet (1927/2001) says children between 4 and 6 are often more verbally than visually articulate, he calls this the failed realist stage. This meant what children with to express through mark making is often beyond their physical skills.

When Morrissey’s daughter was eleven she completed a reprise of this project called ‘The Successful Realist’. Morrissey said her daughters fine motor skills had improved; where previously she would poke and scratch her Mums skin, this time “she was an artist with a canvas”, thus being a successful realist.


https://www.trishmorrissey.com [Accessed 30/10/20]

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